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Bodil Bundgaard Rasmussen
Redaktion (ekstern)


Born 16 September 1947.
BA in Classical Archaeology, University of Copenhagen, 1972. in Classical Archaeology, University of Copenhagen, 1978.

Positions held

Positions at the National Museum of Denmark

  • 2014–2017Head of Research and Collections, Ancient Cultures of Denmark and the Mediterranean.
  • 2005–2009Chief curator, Education and Public Programmes.
  • 1996–2013Chief curator, Collection of Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities.
  • 1989–1995Curator, Collection of Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities.
  • 1983–1988Curator, Exhibitions and Public Programmes, periodically head of department.
  • 1981–1982Acting curator, Exhibitions and Public Programmes.

Professional posts

  • 2016Member of Projektbeirat for Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Germany, appointed by Bayrische Akademie der Wissenchaften, München.
  • 2014–2017Member of the Archaeological advisory board to the Danish Agency for Culture.
  • 2010–2014Chairman of the panel of external examiners for Classical Archaeology at the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.
  • 2007–Chairman of the Danish National Commitee for Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.
  • 2005–2012Member of the advisory board to the Ministry of Culture for museum security (National Indemnity).
  • 2003; 1998Member of assessment boards for positions of senior researchers at the National Museum.
  • 1997–2018Co-advisor for PhD students in collaboration with the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.
  • 1996–2010Member of the board of the Danish Academy in Rome. (Appointed by the Ministry of Culture).
  • 1988–1998External examiner for Communication Studies at University of Roskilde.
  • 1985–1988Member of the board of directors at the National Museum.
  • 1984–1988Member of the Council of Museums in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

Management of major projects at the National Museum

  • 2008–2014Research project: Pots, Potters and Society in Ancient Greece funded by the Foundation of Consul General Gösta Enbom.
  • 1994–2005Installation of new permanent galleries: Greece, Rome and Egypt, Cyprus, and the Ancient Near East.

Curatory work

Temporary exhibitions

  • 2004Faster, higher, stronger, The Olympic Games in 3000 Years. 2004.
  • 1997Nimrud and Nineveh. Assyrian Treasures in the British Museum. Collaboration with the British Museum.
  • 1995Faraonic Textiles. Fashion in Ancient Egypt. Collaborat. with Rijksmuseum in Leiden and Kestner Museum in Hannover.
  • 1994The Greeks of the North and Alexander the Great. Collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Culture.
  • 1992Odysseus and the Trojan War.
  • 1989Hama. En oldtidsby i Syrien, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus.

Temporary exhibitions at The National Museum at Brede, Kgs. Lyngby

  • 1988På Herrens Mark. Collaboration with Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • 1987Tag over hovedet. Collaboration with the Danish National UNESCO Committee and Ministry of Housing.
  • 1986Brazil 86. Collaboration with Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke.
  • 1985Det er Danmark. 100 years anniversary of Dansk Folkemuseum.
  • 1984Drømmen om Amerika. Collaboration with Moesgård Museum, Aarhus.
  • 1983Japan.
  • 1982Etruskernes Verden. Livet og døden os et oldtidsfolk i Italien. Collaboration with Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek og Thorvaldsens Museum.


Research interests

Classical archaeology in general, in particular:
Early Cycladic Bronze Age, Greece.
Greek pottery, Geometric-Classical periods.
Greek jewellery, Geometric-Hellenistic periods.
History of Collecting, Collections and Museums.

Research trips, excavations, etc.

  • 2005Two months’ study period at the British Museum, London.
  • 1995Survey at an early Bronze Age site on the Cycladic island of Amorgos. In collaboration with Professor Lila Marangou, Ioannina University.
  • 1983Guest scholar, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California.
  • 1979Study grant from the Carlsberg Foundation (Halikarnassos expedition).
  • 1974Study tour to 44 museums of archaeology and art in USA. By invitation from the US Institute of Education, Washington.
  • 1972–1973Member of the Danish Archaeological Expedition to Halikarnassos (Three campaigns).
  • 1971–1972Grant from Queen Ingrid’s Foundation for a four month’s stay at the Danish Academy in Rome.
  • 1971Excavation of the Etruscan town, Aqua Rossa. The Swedish Institute in Rome.

Editing and publishing

Editorial work

  • 2015The Past in the Present, Copenhagen.
  • 2015Fortiden i nutiden, Copenhagen.
  • 2012Europe meets the World, Exhibition catalogue. Rasmussen, B. B. et al. (eds). Copenhagen.
  • 2008General editor of Gösta Enbom Monographs Vols. 1–6 (2008–2018). Aarhus.
  • 2012Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting. Gösta Enbom Monographs Vol.2, Aarhus. (With S. Schierup).
  • 2008Peter Oluf Brøndsted. A Danish Classicist in his European Context, Historisk-filosofiske Skrifter 31,The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen. (With J.S. Jensen, J. Lund & M. Märcher).
  • 2002Pots for the Living – Pots for the Dead, Danish Studies in Classical Archaeology, Acta Hyberborea 9, Copenhagen. (With A. Rathje & M. Nielsen).
  • 1999Christian VIII. Antikker – Mønter – Medailler. Copenhagen. (With J.S. Jensen & J. Lund).
  • 2000Christian VIII and the National Museum. Antiquities, Coins, Medals. Copenhagen. (With J.S. Jensen & J. Lund).
  • 1983–Editor in chief of the Quarterly of the National Museum NYT/ NEWS. (1983–1992 & 2004–2008).
  • 1981–Editor of a number of anthologies, exhibition catalogues and magazines (1981–2017).

Selected publications

  • 2018. “Helvig Kinch. A Danish Painter and Member of the Danish Expedition to Rhodes”. In: Schierup, S. (ed.) Documenting Ancient Rhodes. Archaeological Expeditions and Rhodian Antiquities. Acts of the International Colloquium held at the National Museum of Denmark, February 16–17, 2017. Aarhus, 177–200.
  • 2015. “A Cautionary Tale. A Greek Amphora in the Royal Vase Cabinet in Copenhagen”. In: Rasmussen, B. B. (ed.), The Past in the Present, Copenhagen, 145–164.
  • and D. Williams 2015. “A Funerary Plaque from Athens”. In: Rasmussen, B. B. (ed.) The Past in the Present, Copenhagen, 119–139.
  • and J. Lund 2014. “Fouilles et explorations danoises à Rhodes”. In: Rhodes, une île grecque aux portes de l’orient, XVe–Ve siècle avant J.-C., Paris, 42–50.
  • 2014. “The Royal Vase Cabinet in Copenhagen. Its Creation, Early Inventories and Publications”. In: Schmidt, S. & Steinhart, M. (Hersg.), Sammeln und Erforschen – Griechische Vasen in neuzeitlichen Sammlungen. Beiheft zum Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Band VI. München, 83–93.
  • and S. Schierup 2012. “Introduction”. In: Schierup, S. & Rasmussen, B. B. (eds.) Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting, Gösta Enbom Monographs 2, Aarhus, 7–11.
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  • 2012. “No Man Wiser”; “Cradle of Democracy”; “As long a you live, Shine”; “In honour of the Emperor”. In: Europe Meets the World. Exhibition catalogue. Copenhagen, 34–39; 40–47; 62–65; 68–75.
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  • 2008. “Special Vases in Etruria: First- or Secondhand?” In Lapatin, K. (ed.), Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases. Proceedings of a symposium held in connection with the exhibition “Colors of Clay. Special Techniques in Athenian Vases” at the Getty Villa, Malibu June 15–17, 2006. Los Angeles, 215–225.
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Publications for Higher Education

  • and G. Haastrup 1995. Hellas. Myte, tanke og tale. Copenhagen.
  • And J. Bender 1981. Oldtidens Grækenland. Græske Billeder. Copenhagen.
  • 1979. Arbejde og produktion i oldtidens Athen belyst med vasebilleder. Copenhagen.

Publications for Children

  • 1995. Skulptur, en rejse i form og udtryk. Copenhagen. (Translation of Heslewood, J. , The History of Western Sculpture. London 1994).
  • 1993. “På sportspladsen”, “En helt og en vandkrukke”. In: Besøg historien. Børn og Forældre. Copenhagen, 44–49.

Papers in the Annual of the National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark) with summaries in English

  • 2007. “Fra danske Bondestuer til Kanibalernes Offerpladser. Strejftog gennem 200 års udstillinger på Nationalmuseet”.
  • , T. Bagh, A.H. Hansen, J. Lund, S. Schierup and T. Wismann 2007. “Nationalmuseet og de danske arkæologiske ekspeditioner til Middelhavslandene”.
  • 2006. “De herlige græske Vaser. P. O. Brøndsted og Christian VIII’s VaseKabinet”.
  • 2002. “Lykkebringende klokker. Et romersk tintinnabulum i Antiksamlingen”.
  • 1999. “På vagt ved Romerrigets grænse. Den romerske legionær i Antiksamlingen”.
  • 1997. “Haner og hanekamp i Athen”.
  • 1995. “En rejse omkring Middelhavet. Den ny Antiksamling på Nationalmuseet”.
  • 1991. “Heliadernes tårer. Om østersørav i Italien.
  • 1989. “Et råt barbarisk Idol. Om græske marmorskulpturer fra 3.årtusind f. Kr.”
  • and L. Haastrup 1989. “Med hilsen fra Brede. Status over 20 udstillinger med 2.584.405 besøgende”.

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