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Ideas in History
The Journal of the Nordic Society for the History of Ideas

Ben Dorfman

ISSN 1890-1832
ISSN 2245-5167 (Online)

Nr. 1-52
Ideas in History publishes two issues a year
Subscription price per volume (two issues):
DKK 200 $ 29 € 27
DKK 280 $ 41 € 38
single issue:
DKK 120
double issue:
DKK 200



Ideas in History is the result of collaborative efforts among nearly a dozen universities and colleges throughout the Nordic countries. The purpose of these initiatives is to further awareness of research, resources, and activities in the field of intellectual history in the Nordic countries as well as internationally. The journals introduces Nordic and international readerships to some of the finest work in intellectual history by Nordic-based scholars as well as international authors. The purpose of the journal is to create a meeting ground for the study of ideas in historical context across disciplinary, geographical and institutional boundaries. Ideas in History welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to intellectual history at the same time it acknowledges specific traditions in the field. Ideas in History seeks a pluralism of methodological approaches to intellectual history: reflections on the field, historical contexts studied, subject matter for intellectual-historical investigation, critical understandings of relations between the intellectual past and present as well as the comprehension of culturally, politically and geographically diverse intellectual traditions.

Editorial Board:
Dan C. Christensen (Roskilde University), Ingrid Markussen (University of Oslo), Victoria Höög (Lund University), Johan Strang (University of Helsinki), Rebecka Lettevall (Södertörn University), Katarina Leppännen University of Gothenburg)

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Manuscripts, conforming to The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (author-date system), should be sent to:
Ideas in History
Editorial assistant Johan Heinsen
Dept. of Culture and Global Studies
Aalborg University
Kroghstræde 3
DK-9220 Aalborg East
e-mail: mailto:ideasinhistory@cgs.aau.dk