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Classica et Mediaevalia
Danish Journal of Philology and History

Founded in 1938
Thomas Heine Nielsen (University of Copenhagen) & Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen (University of Copenhagen)

ISSN 0106-5815
ISSN 1604-9411 (Online)

Nr. 1-52
Classica et Mediaevalia Published by Museum Tusculanum Press 1971-2015
DKK 395 per vol.



Since 2019 published open access at the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen. See more details here.

Classica et Mediaevalia encourages scholarly contributions within the fields of Greek and Latin languages and literature up to, and including, the late Middle Ages as well as Graeco-Roman history and the classical influence in general history, legal history, the history of philosophy and ecclesiastical history.

Classica et Mediaevalia, which is ranked as a category Int1 (History) and Int2 (Classical studies) by the European Research Index for the Humanities (ERIH) and top-ranked in the Danish and Norwegian bibliometric systems, encourages scholarly contributions within its fields.

In compliance with the ERIH PLUS criteria, along with all contributions published in Classica et Mediaevalia is given an abstract in English as well as an author biography, including affiliation and contact information.

Thomas Heine Nielsen (University of Copenhagen)
Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen (University of Copenhagen)

Editorial Board
George Hinge, Heine Hansen, Jesper Carlsen, Leo Catana, Marianne Pade, Réka Erszebet Forrai, Trine Arlund Hass and William Kynan-Wilson

Advisory Board
Eva Cantarella (University of Milan), Kostas Bouraselis (University of Athens), Thomas Corsten (University of Vienna), Stephen Harrison (University of Oxford), Thomas Haye (University of Göttingen), Outi Merisalo (University of Jyväskylä), Gregory Nagy (Harvard University), Marjorie Woods (University of Texas at Austin), Greg Woolf (University of St. Andrews).

Editorial Address
Classica et Mediaevalia
The Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen,
Karen Blixens Plads 8
DK–2300 Copenhagen S

Principal Contact
Editor-in-chief Thomas Heine Nielsen, heine@hum.ku.dk

Support Contact
Editor-in-chief Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen, cammt@hum.ku.dk