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Acta Hyperborea

Founded in 1988
Editor-in-Chief: Annette Rathje

ISSN 0904-2067
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Acta Hyperborea: Danish Studies in Classical Archaeology is a series of anthologies whose titles each deal with a specific theme related to the classical world. Titles are frequently the outcome of seminars held at Scandinavian universities, and the majority of authors are Scandinavian, though contributions from international scholars also appear.

The series deals with a wide array of topics pertaining to classical studies. It primarily focuses on classical archaeology, but at the same time takes an interdisciplinary approach in order to promote dialogue between classical and prehistoric archaeology, historians, philologists, and art historians.

Acta Hyperborea is edited and published by Collegium Hyperboreum, a group of scholars associated with Danish Universities and museums.

Head of Dept. Annette Rathje
Department of Archeology and Ethnology
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixensvej 4
DK-2300 København S

Museum Tusculanum Press
University of Copenhagen

Collegium Hyperboreum:
Kristine Bøggild Johannsen, Jane Hjarl Petersen, Mette Moltesen, Birte Poulsen, Annette Rathje, Eva Rystedt & Knut Ødegård.

Editorial correspondence and books intended for reviews should be sent to:

c/o The Saxo Institute
Section of Classical Archaeology
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixensvej 4
DK-2300 Copenhagen S